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Matrica plays a part in coloring the future of IT business with its products and services, guaranteed its quality, advances, sophistication and reliability. As the IT business is very dynamic, it needs reliable players who can deliver innovative also visionary products and services. Matrica is ready to answer the challenge and keen competition by developing its IT competence consistently. The ability to synergize academic excellence and experience is one strong point of Matrica that helps it more mature and profesional.


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Finance and Accounting

Accounting Finance Odoo is an application that helps manage accounting easily and simply for companies that carry out transaction activities in the field of Accounting. All financial activities can be managed with one application. Automation in daily activities is getting easier, Odoo is already connected to several banks in Indonesia, making it easier to reconcile bill payments. Reconciliation can also be done by uploading files in csv format.

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Learning Management System

Academica is a system for academic institutions that facilitates the teaching and learning process, school management including finance and data. A web-based system, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime, has online-learning support, which allows parental supervision, task collection processes, and communication between teachers and students to run online, and can be integrated with third-party software such as Zoom. or Skype.

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 Hospital Management System is an application that helps hospitals manage activities that occur in hospitals easily and simply by simplifying the transaction process at the Hospital. All Hospital activities can be managed with one application. Automation in daily activities is easier to do, the Hospital Management System is already connected to BPJS Health, making it easier to process transactions to BPJS claims easily.

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM Is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is to improve business relationships to grow your business. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

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Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic approach to the effective management of people in an organization, so that they help the business to gain a competitive advantage. Comprehensive and dynamic visibility of all employees, with centralised information that they can filter by department or team. This dramatically cuts down on manual and tedious data management tasks, improves accuracy and enables automation and standardisation of key HR processes.

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Project Construction Management System Module is an application that allows you to manage the construction process with a system that can be used for any contractor or construction agency company. The Project Construction Management System Module allows you to manage cost centers and cost headers for construction projects by creating project charters. You can also set material costs, subcontract costs, labor costs, work package costs, and more.

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Inventory Management is a module that easily integrates all the company's basic warehouse operations, such as: shipping orders, inventory counting, incoming shipping, automated packing, scrapping, and transfers. Inventory Management is not only equipped with the most efficient storage methods available, but also has the ability to completely improve the internal operations of any company.

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Manufacturing Management Module is a module that allows companies engaged in manufacturing to monitor production processes in real-time.




Fixed pricing model providing on flat fee for a specified project. This type of service includes in all these phases:


A dynamic pricing model provides the responsibility for maintaining and anticipating needs for various processes and function to improve operations and cut expense. Can be charged based on:



With IT management and IT compliance knowledge, Matrica will help complete IT management of customer organizations with IT governance & IT compliance to run effectively with minimal risk.


Help customers identify, explain, create, and distribute knowledge to be known, studied, and used to benefit the customer organization. the purpose of this activity is to achieve specific goals such as shared knowledge, improved performance, competitive advantage or a high level of innovation.


Matrica will help you answer various doubts with a revolutionary approach, namely by positioning IT as a business unit that provides services in its business. Through this approach, IT grows in line with the organization's strategy and synergizes together to drive the it’s business growth.


It is an integral part of corporate change management as a driving force in improving IT services and aligning its strategy to face challenges and opportunities and market competition.


Help organizations understand the company's information security needs, various regulations, identify security holes, defend and respond to attacks, reduce risk and the need to achieve security compliance.